Winter? Spring? What Do Students Wear?

It is the end of February, and Michigan is in that awkward stage where it is still Winter, but temperatures can range any where from below freezing to 60 degrees in one day.

What do students when there is two seasons in one day?

Below in the pictures, students wear boots, tennis shoes, winter coats, hoodies, leggings, jeans and capris.


When you ask a student athlete what they are majoring in, common responses include, Exercise Science, Sports Management, Nutrition, Health Sciences, and Criminal Justice.

So you can imagine the surprise when I answer with “Photojournalism”.

I am a high jumper for Central Michigan University who has loved photography from the moment  I started taking pictures. Whenever I tell people that my major is Photojournalism, I get responses like a surprised “Oh!” or “That’s interesting!” or “What do you plan to do with that?”.

My usual response is that I want to work for a newspaper or a magazine.

While my teammates who major in Exercise Science look at people for injuries, I look at people for stories.

Right now I am in JRN 340 Intro to Digital Journalism, and I plan to use this blog to display the work I do in this class.