About Emily

When I got my first camera, I would sit at my kitchen window for hours, pointing my camera at our bird feeder in our front yard, capturing every bird that landed on it.

My love for photography only grew from there.

When I was not playing sports, I would walk around my yard taking pictures of pinecones, my mom’s flowers, random trees, my dog and just about anything else I could find.

When I entered high school my athletic career began to take off, and I was offered a scholarship to high jump at Central Michigan University. I knew that I wanted to do something with photography, and I came across the Photojournalism major. Without a second thought, I knew that it was the perfect major for me.

Now I am in the second semester of my sophomore year here at CMU, balancing being a student and athlete. I love being both and would not trade it for anything.

I am taking JRN 340 which is an intro to Digital Journalism class, and this blog is for posting my assignments throughout the semester.